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As little as 10 years ago, thousands of financial institutions participated in federal and private student loan programs. However, the severe disruption of the credit marketplace in late 2007-2009, coupled with the federal government's take-over of the Stafford Loan program, resulted in most lenders leaving the student loan space. Even though private student loan demand continued to increase significantly, these needs were being met by only a handful of primarily large, money-center banks.

In the past few years, many community banks and credit unions have become more interested in entering the student loan marketplace due to its potential for growth and higher returns as compared to other forms of consumer lending. However, the barriers for entry into the education credit space can be high due to firmly entrenched competition and a general lack of expertise at small-to-mid sized financial institutions.

In order to assist community banks and credit unions invest in high yielding, high quality student loan assets, we formed Ed-Invest Portfolio Services, LLC (EIPS). In addition to Steve Galvin and Dave Dorman, the EIPS team includes Steve Thompson (Director of Data Services) and Donna Faulkner (Accounting Manager). Steve and Donna both have over 15 years of extensive experience in the administration and reconciliation of student loan portfolios. Working with private loan insurance providers and multiple loan servicing agents, EIPS currently assists our financial institution clients with:

  • Locating and Brokering of Private Student Loan Portfolios
  • Loan Purchase and Loan Participation Transactions
  • Portfolio Management and Administration
  • Monthly Reporting and Reconciliation
  • Oversight and Enhancement of Loan Servicing Functions
  • Default Aversion and Cure Activities

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